Founded in June 2000, Generator Consulting provides consulting and advisory services in Information Management, Communication, and Knowledge Managment.

Generator has a multidisciplinary team of consultants who, during their professional experience, collaborated with numerous public and private organizations, national and multinational companies from a broad range of sectors, and Government agencies and NGOs.

  • Corporate Communication
  • Public Affairs
  • Public relations
  • Crisis and Issue Management
  • Lobby
  • Public and Political Communication
  • Internal communication
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Corporate Ethnography
  • Marketing and Product Communication

Communication, in a broad perspective, is a powerful management tool to engage with every stakeholders. Through our deep knowledge of how to use communication as a management tool, we can cope with client’s needs, be focused in its goals and deliver the results needed in each business project, process or cycle.

And we do this gathering the techniques and instruments that best fit the purpose and scope of each project with the best fit investment/benefit ratio.

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